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Latest Las Vegas Hotel Deals and Secret Prices

Las Vegas Hotel Deals
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Looking for a cheap hotel in Las Vegas? Check out our amazing selection of hotels in Las Vegas to match your budget without breaking the bank.

Book a hotel in Las Vegas and experience the Entertainment Capital of the World with last minute offers from hotels in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas strip while small in comparison to the full city of Las Vegas is actually really big when you’re walking around (especially in that summer desert heat). Hotels on the Las Vegas strip will look close to one another on maps of Las Vegas but in reality these Las Vegas hotels are HUGE and it takes quite a while to get from one end of the Las Vegas strip to the other end of the Las Vegas Strip


You’ll want to ensure that your hotel in Las Vegas is in a location that meets you’re needs, so if you are looking to be in the center of the action in Las Vegas use The Bellagio as a reference point as the center of the Las Vegas strip. We consider this the main hub of the Las Vegas strip so any hotels in and around Bellagio are a solid bet to be in the middle of it all.

If it’s your first time you stay in a Las Vegas hotel, try to stay in hotel on the Las Vegas strip as you’ll get the full experience of Las Vegas and it just isn’t quite the same if you’re off strip or downtown Las Vegas. For seasoned veterans of Sin City, or those looking to save a few bucks on accommodations there are a lot of affordable hotels in the main area of Las Vegas or downtown Vegas is an excellent alternative to book budget hotels in Las Vegas and conscious visitors.

  • Las Vegas Room Types & Rates

As you know most hotels in Las Vegas have different room formats but the thing to keep in mind is there really isn’t much difference between standard room categories. All Las Vegas hotels will promote features like larger room, Las Vegas strip view, etc and if that’s important to you then by all means pay a premium for your stay in Las Vegas
If you want to book a hotel in Las Vegas, we suggest that you just book the basic room in a Las Vegas hotel and save your money, since the reality of it is that most rooms in the hotels in Las Vegas are quite similar and you won’t be spending much time in your room anyways, so save your cash so you can enjoy Las Vegas even more.

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When it comes to actually booking a hotel in Las Vegas, Las Vegas is a very tricky place and the room rates fluctuate wildly based on the week you’re planning to visit Las Vegas. If there are any major concerts in Las Vegas, sporting events or conferences in Las Vegas expect the nightly rate to sky rocket up to 200-300% due to the high demand. If you want to minimize your costs go to Las Vegas during the week in the winter for the rock bottom rates.

  • Las Vegas Hotel Amenities

One of the more important criteria when you are selecting a hotel in Las Vegas and items that fall under amenities would include things like restaurants, spa, casino, service level and so on. Basically what services does the hotel offer and are they consistent with the type of experience you're looking for.

This category is pretty subjective but generally speaking you’ll want a hotel in Las Vegas with a good range of food options and other amenities to make your stay in Las Vegas as convenient as possible. As long as you’re staying at the major hotel chains in Las Vegas however, most of these things will take care of themselves unless you are super picky and require luxury amenities in which case The Wynn, Cosmo or Venetian are a good choice.



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