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Last minute offers from hotels in Athens

Last minute hotel offers in Athenes
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Athens, Greece’s capital,  is steeped in the history of one of the greatest civilizations the world has ever known. Today, modern architecture stands shoulder-to-shoulder with classical ruins beneath the iconic silhouette of the Acropolis. In charismatic Psirri, you’ll find fine restaurants and lively bars; while on the coast, idyllic beaches await. Whether you’re traveling to Athens on business or pleasure, here is our selection of the city’s best hotels, from budget inns to luxury boutiques hotels

Elegance, opulence and prestige are the name of the game for the majority of Athens hotels, which deliver on the promise of an all-round lavish standard of accommodation, dining, services and amenities. A stately decor is often associated with luxury, but so can be a boutique art hotel with a contemporary aesthetic.

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There is simply so much to discover, observe and explore in Athens and you should plan your day carefully in order to get the most out of it during your stay in Athens. Choosing where to stay in Athens also could contribute to your quest towards discovering the best of the city

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