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5 Must Go Summer Destinations For Holidays In Europe

5 Must Go Summer Destinations For Holidays In Europe
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Are you looking for ideas to spend your summer holidays in Europe? Want to avoid the more popular destinations and visit somewhere a little less crowded or are you looking for a truly unique summer holiday?

Check out these 5 holiday suggestions for your most unforgettable holiday in Sifnos, Corfu, Krk, Catania and Sicily:



1 Sifnos, Greece

island, sifnos, krk, –Sifnos is a small, quiet island perfect for enjoying the famous Greek sunshine.

Sifnos is a beautiful island with great beaches and a reputation for being a foodie paradise. The ferries from Piraeus all come into the little town of Kamares.

When you get tired of lazing in the sunshine and feel motivated to work off all that excellent food, Sifnos is known for its hiking trails. Most of the trails are classified as either easy or moderate. Many of the trails are marked as kid-friendly and less th0an 5 kilometres long.

While you in Sifnos, try also to visit the uninhabited island of Poliegos

If you want crowds and parties, Sifnos is not the island you want to visit, instead hop on a ferry and go to Ios or Mykonos. If like us, you enjoy good food and quality time spent relaxing with family, then Sifnos is the perfect Greek island for you.The Cyclades are what everyone thinks of when you think of the Greek islands – beautiful beaches and whitewashed houses where the blue sky meets the even bluer sea. 

If you want to avoid the crowds but still have a picture-perfect Greek island holiday, check out Sifnos in the Western Cyclades.  Sifnos is easily accessible from the mainland and most of the other islands by ferry. For example, the high-speed ferry runs regularly from Piraeus (the main port of Athens) and takes only 3 hours to Sifnos.

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2 Krk, Croatia

island, sifnos, krk, –Among the 1185 Croatian islands, only one of them is the golden one, the Insula Aurea – the island of Krk. Located in the centre of the Kvarner bay, it is considered one of the most attractive tourist destinations. Its mild Mediterranean climate, good geographical position and variety of natural and cultural beauties gave it, even in ancient times, the name "Golden Island". Its cultural heritage has given it another name – the cradle of Croatian culture, whilst at the beginning of the 20th century it gained the name the “sixth continent”.Since ancient times it has been believed that the destiny of the island of Krk is connected to number seven: it was inhabited by the Croatian people in the 7th century, it has survived attacks by pirates seven times, the seventh nobleman from the Frankopan family was the last Prince of Krk. Today the island of Krk has seven centres, Omišalj, Malinska- Dubašnica, Krk, Punat, Baška, Dobrinj , Vrbnik, well known touristic destinations

The 45th parallel passes through the island, whilst its longest part is 38 km and its widest 20 km long. Its coast is around 190 km long. The closest mainland is only about a hundred meters away. Its neighbouring islands are the island of Cres, Losinj and Rab.

On the highest mountaintop, Obzovi (570 m), visitors may forget that they are actually on an island. Here some very specific phenomena can be found – such as the flora in Krk, which comprises around 1400 species of land plants, which almost half of the total in Croatia. Its unique plant the “Barbašova lazarkinja” is one of the world's rarities and it only grows in the Baška lagoon.
Amongst its fauna, we can count rare species too, bird species, for example, vary from eagles/vultures to the oriental steppe "vrški tić". To all this complex contrast of natural characteristics we should add Mediterranean climate – hot summers and mild winters, a cold continental wind that blows from the north-east-the bora and the humid jugo, and a pleasant summer wind, the mistral, that blows from the west.

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3 Tabarca Island, Spain

island, sifnos, krk, –Spain is another one of those countries that epitomises summer. With long days ending with tapas and wine, and beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see, Spain offers so much for any traveller. 

Tabarca is also know as the flat island. It is situated at the Costa Blanca coastlin in the East of Spain and accessable by boat from Alicante, Torrevieja, Benidorm and San Pola.

Tabarca is the only inhabited island in the Region of Valencia and is located opposite Alicante, 11 nautical miles offshore and near the Santa Pola headland. In fact, it’s more than just an island: it’s a small archipelago that comprises the islets of La Cantera, La Galera and La Nao as well as the Isla de Tabarca itself. It is approximately 1,800 metres long and measures some 400 metres across at its widest point.

A visit to the island usually lasts one day. There are numerous departure times from the port of Alicante, although the regularity of these depends upon the time of year. The boat ride is comfortable and lasts for around one hour. The island can also be reached from Santa Pola and Benidorm.

Once on the island, you can enjoy the coves and beaches with their crystal-clear waters and a picturesque fishing port with excellent eateries offering the opportunity to try the traditional “caldero”, the island’s typical dish. We recommend a stroll through the town and a visit to the island’s museum.

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Corfu, Greece

island, sifnos, krk, –This gorgeous greek island is one of the most popular destinations in Europe for summer sun, and best-value according  Rugged mountains dot its interior, and beach resorts for all budgets hug its pretty coastline. There are yellow sandy beaches, gorgeous azure waters, and little Greek tavernas serving up the freshest catch of the day.History buffs will love a visit to the 13th-century Old Fort (Palaio Frourio) and the UNESCO-listed centre of Corfu town, where neoclassical stately buildings, such as the Palace of St Michael or Liston Arcade, give a regal feel.

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5 Catania, Sicily

island, sifnos, krk, –If you want a quick resumé of Catania’s character, look no further than the brooding, explosive mountain that looms right over it: Etna. The university city on the east coast, overlooking the Ionian Sea, can be intense, chaotic and beautiful.

At its heart is a Unesco-listed old quarter full of towers and squares, relics of a competitive building spree in the 18th century, when Catania was trying to outdo its rival, Palermo. The Piazza del Duomo is the centrepiece; other highlights include the Teatro Massimo Bellini, as lavish a production as any Bellini opera – the man himself was a local lad. And yet the real must-see is nothing historical at all, but the riotous fish market, held every weekday morning. Grab a seat at one of the surrounding restaurants and tuck in to the city’s signature dish, pasta alla norma (with tomatoes and aubergine), named, naturally, after a Bellini opera.The sandy beach south of the city – lined with lidos and discos – quietens down after August, but the sea remains warm into early autumn.

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